Maybe we disobey

Maybe we disobey

The textile industry is the worlds third-worst polluters in terms of production, distribution and waste, responsible for 13% of the global carbon emissions. Amazingly, it can take 2,700 Liters to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt. One load of washing uses 150 Liters of water.

At the same time, unsold 'stock' apparel with their tags still on, used clothes from someone's hipster grandfather - are burned or shredded to maintain the prestige of exclusivity. 
All of them: the victims of the empty void of fast fashion.

This is a community devoted on the people of tomorrow, by resourcing stock and used apparel to dress up, consciously donate for each buy you make, supporting our community, minimize carbon footprint, to protect the people, animals, planet and feel good about it.

We find it, pick it, buy it, wash it, bring it, hang it, light it, photograph it, upload it, describe it, ship it, change it, donate it, recycle it - So you don't have to.

We believe in a retro future.
Maybe we disobey.


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